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Get involved with Gaia

Check out some projects we have worked on

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The Gaia Forest

We are partnered with a world leader in reforestation, Eden Reforestation Projects, we invest into their Madagascar project + we invest into Tomorrow’s Forests in Somesert, England

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The 20k Cup Challenge

The 20,000 cup challenge - We joined forces with @wbeachbournemouth to help fight plastic waste on our beaches and reforestation across the world.

Our message was simple; Ride to the beach - buy a drink - put it in the compostable bin - and we will plant a tree

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Esquires Summer Promo!

We teamed up with @esquirescoffeebournemouth to plant a tree with everyone of their summer promotions drinks.

They planted a total of 333 🙌

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Working closely with Bournemouth University

We are involved in a number of community projects - we are currently volunteering at Bournemouth University, Sponsoring the sustainability challenge and the Bournemouth Rugby team

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How do we save you money?

We save you money daily.
If you buy 1 coffee a day.5 days a week
At an UK average price of £2.44 per coffee,
with a 20% OFF Gaia discount
Over the month you save £9.76
Over the year £117.12

This could buy you an extra 48 coffees
Gaia starts at £4.49 a month
This is just 1 benefit of Gaia.

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Pedal and pick with Beryl Bikes

We've partnered with Beryl to help clean our streets! It's called the "pedal and pick" - where by Beryl are offering 60 free minutes to any of our members who wants to help keep our beautiful streets clean.

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Forest and Beach Cleans

We have arranged a number of Beach and Forest cleans in the Dorset area. We are think it is very important to keep the place we live in clean and stop waste entering our oceans.

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We help businesses become more sustainable 

We have a range of eco solutions for businesses ranging from eco-packaging to renewable energy and offsetting packages

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