Frequently Asked


What is Gaia Card?

We are the UKs first sustainable membership card. We are a collective of like-minded individuals striving to do more for the people & the planet, you can read all about Our Story here or if you want to know more about how the card works you can learn about that here.

How do I join?


Head over to the Plans page of the website, select your plan & start your journey with Gaia.


What is a renewal?

Whether you’re paying monthly or annually we’ll always try and make sure you have access to your offers & deals so your membership will automatically keep going until you let us know you want to leave.


How do I cancel my membership?

Simply send us an email to from the email address associated with your membership and we’ll make sure no further payments are taken from your account, we’ll even send you an email highlighting the great impact you’ve had with us and you can reinstate your membership at any time.


How to replace your lost or stolen card?

If you have lost your Gaia Card… don’t you worry! You’ll still have access to your digital card which you’ll be able to claim your offers with whilst you’re waiting for your replacement card. Make sure your up-to-date address is registered on the My Membership section of the website and send an email to and we’ll make sure your replacement card is with you within 14 days for a small fee.


I can’t access the online codes

Make sure that you’re logged into your account and your membership is active by clicking on the My Membership section in the top right of the website. You’ll then be able to view all of our partners discount codes on their dedicated pages on the Browse Deals section of the website.

What offers do I get with my Gaia Card?


You can check out all the great offers and deals you’ve got access to on the Browse Deals section of the website. We add more offers weekly!

Can I use my Gaia Card 7 days a week?


Yes you can… You’re welcome.


Does my Gaia Card work for delivery/collection?

Each offer is specific to each partner so we include all terms and conditions on their deal pages however we always recommend contacting our partners to check before you order.


I have had problems claiming a Gaia Card offer, who should I contact for help?

Our customer service number is 0345 017 9674, alternatively, you can email us at and we’ll investigate what’s gone wrong and ensure you’re able to access all available offers and deals.


I entered a competition and won but haven’t heard back

We endeavour to make sure you never miss out on anything you’ve won, however much like our ethos says we’re not perfect all the time so make sure you send us a nudge at


My mobile device has been lost, can I block my online digital card?

Absolutely , let us know at and we’ll make sure that no one else has access to your membership.


How many times can I use an offer?

No limit! Keep on choosing the better option for the planet and your pocket for as long as you’re a member *subject to partner t&c’s


How many times can I use an offer?

Forgot your password? Click here to request your password reset. Forgot your username? Email


I can’t remember my password

Click here to reset your password


How do I unsubscribe from marketing emails?

We understand sometimes you need a break from your mail, if you don’t want us to email you either click here to unsubscribe from our mailing list or pop us an email at


I need to update my contact details

You can manage your details on the My Membership page of the website.


What are the terms & conditions

Click here to view our terms & conditions


Expired membership, how do I renew?

Head over to My Membership, select Manage Subscription, choose your plan, complete the checkout process and you’re back! We’ll automatically renew your membership to ensure you always have access to your offers & deals.


How is Gaia a sustainable brand?

We love to share all the great things we’re doing! You can view Our Forest page here which will tell you all about our tree planting, learn more about Gaia and the team driving the vision on our About Us page.


How can I trust the good work Gaia is doing?


Where are my trees planted and can I visit them?

Check out all of the information on your trees on the certification we send you each month! We include coordinates for your trees, how much carbon you’ve offset and how many working hours you’ve created for locals within the communities of Madagascar, or you can read all about it over on Our Forest page


How can Gaia make me more sustainable?

We want to empower you to be able to make purchasing decisions aligned to your environmental and social values. Our offers and deals hope to provide you with the ability to buy from brands that are offering sustainable alternatives. Making more environmentally conscious decisions when shopping can help you live within the boundaries of your personal carbon budget. Additionally, to help offset a portion of your carbon impact by planting 5 trees a month. We don’t see tree planting as the antidote to overconsumption, but view it as one way to encourage the regeneration and restoration of our environment.


When does my card arrive?

You will receive your one of a kind wooden membership card within 14 days of your request, if your card hasn’t arrived within this time please contact