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Gaia Ethos

We’re a group of like-minded individuals striving to do more. We are on a mission to make sustainable living more affordable and accessible whilst reducing the damaging impact of consumerism.

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You don’t need to
be perfect!


In everything you do, we understand that change can be difficult, and we know it’s not an overnight job.

Making small
incremental changes

Did you know that by eating 
vegetarian food for a year you could 
save the same amount of emissions as 
taking a small family car off the road 
for 6 months.

More info click here


At Gaia we make it easier for our members to pick the better option when they spend, whilst saving money and giving back to the planet.


We make it easier for our members

We want to make living a more sustainable lifestyle as affordable and accessible as possible. We believe working together and achieving small steps collectively is where we will be most impactful as a community.

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