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How we pick

our partners

At Gaia, we hand-select the best healthy,

sustainable and active

brands we can find.


We do however understand, just like us, that not all of our partners are perfect. Instead we celebrate progress.


That is why we ensure that every partner must complete our “Sustainability Criteria”. Our partners must reach a certain score to ensure they are suitable match for the platform and to meet your needs. They are assessed across important criteria surrounding environmental, social and governance issues.

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Where we plant our trees

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We plant 5 trees a month for each member, who receive a certificate each month​​​

*At Gaia we acknowledge that tree-planting is just one small solution to the many, much larger, multi-faceted problems facing our world. We do however make sure that our tree planting is done responsibly both locally and internationally. We will always continue to look for further solutions to help our planet.*

Over the past 12 months we have worked with a number of tree planting schemes. We have now decided to move forward with Eden Reforestation Project as they are the global leaders in planting trees. They have planted just over 500,000,000 trees across the globe.



We are currently working closely with them on their Madagascar project planting mangroves and helping to give more working hours to local farmers. Deforestation has long been an issue for Madagascar. It is one of the world’s top biodiversity conservation priorities because of its high concentration of endemic species and severe habitat loss rates.

Mangroves provide a slew of benefits in addition to storing carbon, reducing flooding and erosion from storms, acting as nurseries for fish, and filtering pollutants from water.



We plant 5 trees a month for each member, who receive a certificate each month showcasing the coordinates of where the trees have been planted, the impacts it’s had and the emissions they have offset.


Not only does it help with reforestation but it also helps the local economy by providing jobs to the local farmers.


At Gaia, we believe every business has the responsibility to create a more sustainable future.

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That’s why we are working with our partners, projects and local communities to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our holistic approach to being a sustainable business means that every decision we make strives to achieve every goal.

We are particular focused on SDG  #12 to ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns.


Visual of Climate Goals 

We believe that growth and economic progress should be decoupled with environmental degradation to create long-term opportunities for society and to promote

sustainable lifestyles.

To empower members to a live a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle

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Our Goals 


To make a significant positive impact on our own local environment by giving back 10% of our profits to our own community projects.


To make a powerful contribution to responsible global tree-planting by planting ONE MILLION by 2024. 


To make a powerful contribution to global ocean-clean up by contributing £10,000 into ocean projects by 2024.

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