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We plant 5 trees 
a month for you! 

Gaia helps to make a positive impact by planting 5 trees a month for you.  Overconsumption has reached new heights and we want to encourage  sustainable purchasing behaviours. Each product we buy has an environmental impact and contributes to our own personal carbon budget. By engaging in offsetting projects, we want to help you and help the planet.

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Did You Know?  

Thanks to you, we have already planted 37,750 trees - we have big ambitions - our goals

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We are partnered with 
Eden Reforestation Projects

They have already planted 485,000,000 trees and
counting; with your help we are going to plant even 
more. If that wasn't enough! To celebrate a year 
with us, we plant a tree here for you in the UK, in 
our Somerset, UK - Gaia forest. In partnership with 
Tomorrow's Forest.



*At Gaia we acknowledge that tree-planting is just one small solution to the many, much larger, multi-faceted problems facing our world. We do however make sure that our tree planting is done responsibly both locally and internationally. We will always continue to look for further solutions to help our planet.*

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We help you do more. We've been working hard to 
help reduce your impact, decrease your daily costs 
and make it easier for you to give back.

Our mission - To make sustainable and healthy living 
more affordable and accessible, while reducing the 
damaging impact of everyday consuming. 

We are more than just a discount card, we are a 
collective of individuals striving to do more.

"Yesterday I saved £16.04 using my Gaia card, which was great considering I was on a first date and money was tight" -

Jack (PT from Bournemouth) July 2021

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