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Community fair

Join us for a day of discovering on the 5th of May 2024 at Horse Shoe Common.  We are bringing together diverse individuals and inspiring organisations, we are inspiring innovative ideas and  meaningful partnerships to drive positive change in our community. 

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The event will be a unique gathering, focusing on discovering inspiring ethical, health, fitness brands and artists that Bournemouth has to offer. The new activities and experiences that align with our core values of sustainability, active lifestyle and community engagement. Participants will have the opportunity to explore various disciplines, including yoga, fitness, art, sustainable businesses, and vegan food. Our aim is to provide an inclusive and interactive day where individuals can learn, connect, and contribute to a better Bournemouth community.

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see the benefits of joining Clean Collective

Come and join us to showcase the very best of what Bournemouth has to offer. 

Join us for a unique experience in Bobbys and Bournemouth Gardens


Event objectives


- Showcase Great Business and Traders

- Support & Showcase The Local Community 

- Promote Sustainability

- Help the community discover new and great activities 

- Showcase local talented artists




Art Installation opportunity

As well as an opportunity to shops, eat great local food and discover new activities. We are seeking your collaboration to transform the Bournemouth Gardens into an open art installation and exhibit.


This will provide a unique backdrop for local artists, including students from the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), to showcase their artistic talents.

Are you a local artist? Are you interested in getting involved 

Outdoor activities - try something new

Join us for a unique experience in Bobbys and Bournemouth Gardens


- Live yoga 

- Fitness Challenges 




Attract New Customers

  • Partnering with us gives you access to our broad local network, enabling you to gain long-term customers who care about your business

  • Expand your community and reach new members with Gaia's powerful marketing tools

  • Clean Collective is a great way to gain exposure to new local and relevant customers

Build Loyal Customers

  • Find and engage with members 

  • Promote to community of people who share your values and support each other's growth

  • Our platform provides a unique opportunity to access a community of loyal customers who share your values

  • Showcase to the community what makes your business unique and great

Support Your Community

  • Clean Collective is a great way to support your local economy 

  • Align your community with a brand that cares about people and the planet

  • Know that you are supporting a good cause and contributing to a more sustainable future




Independent 2 x 2 metre space - no table supplied 




3 x 2 metre space



Enterprise/Food Vendor

Enquiry for more details

Register your interest!

Are you a local business?
Will you be bringing your own fair assets (e.g. table, banners etc)?
What are you interested in?

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