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We've partnered with ResLife BU

Gaia has teamed up with Reslife to give all you Reslife students access to our exclusive platform packed with benefits!


Get access to hundreds of discounts with your membership, the Gaia members platform is in the link below!


This is where you get access to all this magic! Log in below and browse your benefits.

1000's of Happy Customers
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It's our biggest partnership to date! See what ResLife are all about here

Did you know about all the great benefits you get?


Join us for ice skating, surfing, sculpting, mini-golf, rock climbing, pumpkin picking, beach yoga, trips to iconic locations, pamper nights, BBQ's, gaming tournaments, and much, much more!


Don't worry, as you can reach out and contact your ResLifeBU Well-being team who will be happy to chat via email, phone, or face-to-face and listen to what you are going through and help you access the most appropriate support.   We also host numerous wellness activities which will help you take control of your own well-being and meet other like-minded students. 


Transitioning to a new independent life in university can be a little tricky, and we're here to help support you through this. We'll help you with Living skills to help you adapt to your new independent life, such as how to shop on a budget, cook healthy and tasty meals and deal with disputes; Co-curricular skills, such as how to write a great CV; and Extra-curricular skills, because University is more than just your formal academic learning. 

You are  part of a community of 1000's driving collective change

We are just like you, normal people, becoming more aware. We didn’t know where to start and realised it can be simple, we just needed a great platform, with the brands doing more, we needed ease of use, incentives to switch and a great community to drive our solution. 

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We only partner with the best, access 100s of exclusive ethical offers with Gaia 

Sustainable, local, ethical, independent, health and fitness brands. With Gaia variety is key and there is something for everyone. Even you. Browse all offers now. up to 50% off zero-waste stores, coffee shops, restaurants, ethical products, gyms, outdoor activities and much more.

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The average member saves £32.70 a month and offsets 61.3 kg of Co2

Discover better and more ethical products, services and brands.  

Have a positive impact on yourself, your wallet, and the climate for as little as £3.49 / month

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Follow the link sent to your university email address, join the gang & get your digital Gaia Card

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We only partner with the very best - We hand-pick products and services that are good for the people and the planet, and drive down the cost to you - all brands have to reach a minimum requirement to join the platform & support a more localised economy.

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Upgrade your account and We will plant 5 trees a month for you, as well as donate 10% of our profits back to community projects and our charity partners.

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Head over to your personal impact page, see your virtual forest and be rewarded for better choices.

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We partner with world-leading charities building thriving communities in developing countries as well as helping to support local farmer wages.

We plant 5 trees a month with your membership to help you start reducing your carbon footprint.

We partner with inspiring brands doing more for the people and planet so you can shop guilt-free and consume ethically.

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Trees planted

We are big on giving back and fund a number of charitable projects

We've been involved in loads of community projects - we give back 10% of profits

We come together with our partners and local business to give back to communities with creative campaigns to help you reduce your carbon impact and conduct beach, town and forest cleans!

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More than just a discount card!

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