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Save money, reduce your carbon footprint and give back to your community!

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Did you know the average Gaia member

saves £27.00 a month!

Plant 5 trees a month and get instant access to up to 50% of coffee shops, zero waste stores, online shops, restaurants, gyms, chiropractors, and much more

 Use code: 

Renews at £4.49 per month

The Membership that helps  you do more

We face many problems as
a generation

We match you with the products and services that are doing more for the people and the planet. Making it easier for you to do more.

You can sit back and relax knowing we have done the hard work for you. We only partner with the best local, sustainable, ethical, health and fitness brands.

We’ve made it easy for you!

Join now and get instant access to all these great membership benefits.

Save Money - Reduce Your Footprint - Giveback

Get up to 50% OFF
inspiring brands

Grow your own Forest 

Give Back with Gaia 

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Discover more with Gaia,
start your journey and start doing more today!

   Save at all these great brands and more!   

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Discover inspiring brands 
We are partnered with over 100!

Switch and save money daily
We only partner with the best brands and save you up to 50% off them.

Reduce your carbon footprint
Naturally, our partner selection process helps you reduce and shop guilt-free

Log you’re savings and be rewarded
See how much you save with us, an average member saves over £27 per month

Grow your own forest
Offset any carbon-intense activities with your membership... We plant 5 trees per  month per member and show you your impact

Get your wooden card & online digital card
We create your own profile, join a community of 100’s already reaping the rewards

WOW, we know…

How amazing, Thank us later!

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Start saving straight away with great offers and deals

Discover great brands doing more for the people and the planet

Grow your own Forest and Give back 

What are you waiting for

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