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Benefits of joining!

1. We promote an exclusive offer/deal to our members on your behalf 
2. There's no cost for joining the platform

3. Have your own dedicated page on the website with links to your website & socials
4. You'll be featured in Gaia monthly partner campaigns
5. Feature in our digital newsletter 
6. Dedicated relationship manager to look after you 
7. There is no contract - we believe in building long-standing trustworthy partnerships
8. Be alongside other great brands doing their part for the community and planet


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Start your Journey with Gaia

The application will take around 10-15 minutes 

Step 1


We have local partnerships aimed at improving the community.
We give back a % of sales to charitable causes.
Does your business emphasise Health & Well-being?
We are considered a ‘Local’ business. (A local business is one that sells its products and services to consumers in its own city, town, or geographic area.)


We pay our staff at least the living wage. (find out more about the, here)
Our suppliers hold appropriate accreditations and pay their workers a fair wage.
We provide training, well ventilated spaces and good breaks to all our staff.
We publish a sustainability strategy/report.
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We bank with a recognised ethical bank. ​​(See a list of ethical banks in this article.


We have measured our water usage and have a strategy in place to reduce it.
We only use biodegradable/ eco-packaging.
We are a completely plastic-free business.
We have a low waste strategy for our business.

Animal Welfare

We have an animal welfare policy in place.
Our main product are vegan foods/products.
We, or our suppliers, don't test any products on animals.
Our product only comes from a certified ethical supplier.

Co2 Emissions

We use a local supplier.
Do you use LED light bulbs?
We calculate our carbon as a business (scope 1, 2, 3 emissions).
We use 90% (or more) from a green energy provider.
We use in-house renewable energy (solar pv panels, wind turbines, heat pumps, etc.)
We are a low emission-type business.
We plant trees to help offset CO2 emissions.
Form Step 2
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